The Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society Constitution

29 May 2015

1. Name
The name of the Society is The Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society.

2. Administration
 Subject to the matters set out below the Society shall be administered and managed in accordance with this constitution by the members of the Executive Committee.

3.  Aim
The aim is to promote the study and celebration of the life and works of Victor Hugo and his family during the years of exile in Guernsey.

4.  Membership

  1. Membership of the Society shall be open to:
            a.         Individuals
            b.         Any body corporate or unincorporated association that is interested in furthering the Society’s work and has paid any annual subscription (any such body being called in this constitution a “member organisation”).
  2. Every member shall have one vote.
  3. Each member organisation shall appoint an individual to represent it and to vote on its behalf.
  4.  Each member organisation shall notify the name of the representative appointed by it and of any alternate to the secretary. If the representative or alternate resigns from or otherwise leaves the member organisation, he or she shall forthwith cease to be the representative of the member organisation.
  5. The Executive Committee may, for good reason, terminate the membership of any individual or member organisation: provided that the individual concerned or the appointed representative of the member organisation concerned (as the case may be) shall have the right to be heard by the Executive Committee, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.

5. Honorary Officers

  1.  The members of the society shall elect from amongst themselves a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary and a treasurer, who shall hold office from the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting for a period of 1 year.
  2. In the event of an honorary officer ceasing to hold office before the conclusion of the period of ONE year, the Executive Committee shall have the power to make an immediate appointment of a successor, subject to confirmation in office by vote of the membership present at the subsequent Annual General Meeting.
  3. The Executive Committee may invite a person to serve as Honorary President.

6. Meetings and proceedings of the Executive Committee

  1.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Society and as many elected members as the Officers may determine. The Committee may include additional members co-opted to discharge particular duties.
  2. The Executive Committee shall hold at least two ordinary meetings each year. A special meeting may be called at any time by the chairman or by any two elected members of the Executive Committee as required.
  3.  There shall be a quorum when at least one third of the number of elected members of the Executive Committee for the time being or three elected members of the Executive Committee, whichever is the greater, are present at a meeting. In the event that there is no quorum, the meeting shall be postponed by seven days (or whatever period is convenient) at which postponed meeting business will be transacted whether or not a quorum exists.
  4.  Every matter shall be determined by a majority of votes of the elected members of the Executive Committee present and voting on the question but in the case of equality of votes the chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.
  5. The Executive Committee shall keep minutes to be circulated to Committee members.
  6. The Executive Committee may from time to time make and alter rules for the conduct of their business, the summoning and conduct of their meetings and the custody of documents. No rule may be made which is inconsistent with this constitution.
  7. The Executive Committee may appoint one or more sub-committees consisting of three or more members of the Executive Committee for the purpose of making any inquiry or supervising or performing any function or duty which in the opinion of the Executive Committee would be more conveniently undertaken or carried out by a sub-committee: provided that all acts and proceedings of any such subcommittees shall be fully and promptly recorded and reported to the Executive Committee.

7. Receipts and Expenditure

  1. The funds of the Society, including all donations, contributions and bequests shall be paid into an account by the Executive Committee in the name of the Society at such bank as the Executive Committee shall from time to time decide. All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by at least two members of the Executive Committee.
  2. The funds belonging to the Society shall be applied only in furthering the objects, and funds may be applied in good faith to pay employees or out of pocket expenses.

8. Accounts

  1.   The Executive Committee shall comply with their obligations with regard to:
  2. The keeping of accounting records.
  3.  The preparation of Annual statements of accounts.
  4.  The auditing or independent examination of the statements of account

9. Annual Report
The Executive Committee shall comply with their obligations with regard to the preparation of an annual report.

10.  Annual Return
The Executive Committee shall comply with their obligations with regard to the preparation of an annual return and its transmission.

11.  Annual General Meeting

  1. There shall be an annual general meeting of the Society that shall be held in the month of July in each year or as soon as practicable thereafter.
  2.  The annual general meeting will be called by the Executive Committee. The secretary shall give at least 21 days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting to all the members of the Society. All the members of the Society shall be entitled to attend and vote at the meeting.
  3. The Executive Committee shall present to each Annual General Meeting the report and accounts of the Charity for the preceding year.

12. Dissolution
In the event of dissolution, any assets and funds shall be distributed to organisations with similar aims.

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