The Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society is proud to present an introduction to Victor Hugo’s life in exile on the island of Guernsey. Watch our new short video, made with the support of GuernseyArts,  and experience a little of the island Victor Hugo described as both gentle and harsh, and which inspired him to new heights of artistic creation and humanitarian campaigning.


The Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society exists to celebrate and to promote the deep link between the island of Guernsey and Victor Hugo. To that end we organise talks and conferences, provide advice, and produce educational resources and other publications in English and in French. Every year in June we organise a Victor Hugo weekend, with lectures by eminent academics and performances of plays and music and other entertainments on the chosen theme of that year. In 2019 we celebrated the 150th anniversary of The Man who Laughs (L’Homme qui rit), a novel written by Hugo in Guernsey and published in 1869, and welcomed Claude-Michel Schoenberg, composer of the Les Misérables musical. In 2022 our theme will be ‘Victor Hugo and Notre-Dame.’ The atmosphere of these weekends is informal and friendly, and provides ample opportunity to meet and talk with some of the world’s greatest experts on Victor Hugo, often over a good meal! More information and tickets will be available early next year on this website, so do check back if you would like to join us here in Guernsey next July.