Plant List for the Victor Hugo Garden

Flowers designed by Victor Hugo for the Chinese Room in Juliette Drouet's house at 20, Hauteville, Guernsey (c) Paris Musées

In writing about a visit to Hauteville House, Gustave Simon, in 1904, described Victor Hugo’s drawings. He had, he said, ‘invented his own flower, very much his own, a strange flower, a synthesis of different flowers, a mix of dahlia, pansy, chrysanthemum, daisy and clematis: Victor Hugo’s flower, which appears in his landscapes, in his decorative motifs, or the works of his imagination.’  

Versailles tubs on the terrace  

Rosa ‘Victor Hugo’ (R) Meisteval

Vinca minor alba

Clematis flammula

Narcissus varieties


Thanks to the Guernsey Prison workshop

Urns on balustrade and steps  

Native to Mexico: 

Agave mideopita alba

Agave patonii variegata

Agave tourneyana v. ‘Belle

Native to South Africa:

Crassula arborescens

Crassula ovata

Aloe perfoliata

Delosperma cooperi



Thanks to Guernsey Gardens

Some of the first flowers from the Victor Hugo Garden, Autumn 2020

A garden in five acts